Digital Campaign: the triumph of Facebook (FB)

The approach to marketing is changing in an unusual manner. Digital campaign is now the broad way forward for the big companies as well as small businesses. The impact of traditional selling has been augmented by digital selling. Even though there are several social media tools that could be utilized for execution of digital campaign. However, Facebook tops the chart because of its amicable nature.

A digital campaign may take up any structure such as; one that is centered around Facebook where all the digital message leads to Facebook page for engagement. Secondly, by using each medium as a separate tool for the campaign which magnify the overall impact in its own area. Website centered campaign is also popular which indulge consumers through games/competition based on certain theme. The selection of structure depend upon the type of brand, objective of campaign and other situational factors.

The reason for so many facebook centered structure digital campaign is simple, it connect to the people while they are socializing with each other which in turn creates domino effect. People talks about the brand, share their memories associated with it and brand remain connected to their lives in one way or the other. So when they go for shopping or purchasing, the particular brand remain on top of their mind and thus miracle called sales occur.

The journey from connecting with people to the sales is stimulated by content management. Content management is one tool that differentiate the brand. Furthermore, every word that is communicated through the page is reflected to the person in the form of perceived brand image. The content of the message has to be attention grabber, it could use humor, quotes, images, events, slice of life situation as message content. On the other hand, there are so many communication which generate more clutter and make the message difficult to reach the target audience. People either ignore or block it.

A digital campaign could be clutter breaking only if it is creative. It must have the content that is magnetic or cheesy. A common notion is that if you want to create the maximum awareness, make it notorious. Nevertheless, there are risks involved in such an approach particularly it damage the brand image. An alternate idea is to use multiple channels in order to effectively communicate with the target audience while being innovative simultaneously.


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